Delivering the Optimum Equity Package for Management

Our advice takes into account all aspects of any given situation, ensuring management achieves the best possible outcome.

Funding Structure

We advise on structuring the equity in order both to achieve management’s aims and to be appropriate for the company, not just in terms of reward but also risk.  We produce financial models to examine potential financial outcomes for management under different operating and structure scenarios.

Board & Governance

We advise on all aspects of our clients’ relationship with their new investor, including Board construction and governance. It is important to the ongoing relationship, and so the motivation of the management team, that these issues are resolved and agreed.

Strategic & Tactical Advice

We provide strategic and tactical advice throughout the process on negotiations with all the different types of new investors you potentially face. In addition to private equity we are practised at working with multiple types of buyer, from Chinese investment groups, listed or otherwise; US real estate investors; and family offices.

Independent Sounding Board

A company sale process is intense, pressured and often new territory for management teams.  Having an independent advisor, throughout the deal, ensures that management remain confident that they understand the relevance of all aspects of the transaction and that their interests are being fully served.